Ponderosa Pine Applique

I have always loved the bark on the Ponderosa pines. It has great texture and the pieces that slough off look like puzzle pieces. Needless to say, I have a collection of those.

Here’s a photo of the Ponderosa pine bark. Not only great texture, but interesting colors and shapes.

Here’s a photo of the resulting applique I created based on bark. I used a felt background with inclusions to give more volume to the raised areas. I then added a variety of silk applique and stitched down with hand dyed wool thread in a variety of colors. I then machine stitched the background to flatten those areas and give the piece more depth.

Cone Flowers Applique

I have been busily working on my Level 3 Stitch homework. Each morning for the last couple of weeks, I have been working on my machine stitched applique piece. I based it on one of my paintings that I completed in Level 3 Art and Design.

Here’s the original painting. It was done with a mix of techniques and I thought it would make an interesting applique. I wanted to make the surface very textural to mimic the “texture” in the paint.

I finished it today. I stitched the tree trunk and the cone flowers today. I had a really good time with the background and used loads of loose threads, torn up burlap and cheese cloth in a variety of colors. The cone flowers were especially fun to stitch and I love the texture. So now it’s hard to decide whether I like the original better or the fabric applique piece. What do you think?

Continuing Color Studies

I have worked on more color studies for my Level 3 Stitch class this week. I try to have several ready to go for machine stitching and for hand stitching. Then when I get a spare moment, I am ready to stitch.

This one is full of machine stitching. I had a bit of difficulty with cable stitch on my machine. I found that the extra bobbin case I had wasn’t working. Luckily, I had another one and the second one worked fine. Once I figured that out, the cable stitch went much better.

And here’s another machine stitched one with cable stitch but it looks so different, doesn’t it?

Here is one reason that I don’t normally try to stitch straight lines with hand stitch. My lines never end up very straight.

This one has a bit more texture with the cheesecloth.

This one was fun too with loads of chain stitching. Most of these colors are way out of my usual choices but it is interesting to see who they work together.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Red, Blue Green and Yellow Green Collage

I attended my first session of Level 3 Stitch at Gail Harker Creative Studies Center last week. We started with dyeing a variety of fabric and threads in a bright color wheel and then a neutralized color wheel. Then we got started on a variety of fabric and stitch pieces that I am calling collages.

We are working our way through a variety of color schemes using both hand and machine stitch. But mainly the exercises are about color and how to put different color schemes together.

This is the red, blue green and yellow green color scheme. The piece on the left was free motion machine stitched and the one on the right with stripes is just regular straight stitch. Then the idea was to cut them up and put them back together. I decided to use two different pieces to give a bit more contrast.

So I cut the pieces up into strips and sewed them back together.

Then they were cut again and sewed again. Looking better! Next up was to put all the pieces into one bigger piece.

And here’s the end result. This was fun to do and I do like the effect. You definitely look more at the colors then any particular design. I will be showing you a lot of these in the coming months; little color studies in fabric and stitch.


Holiday Postcard Exchange

I got word from Angela that she received my holiday postcard. So I can show you what I made for her.

Nuno Felted Poinsettias

I started with a nuno felted paper laminated poinsettia. The fabric that I used was some type of really shiny organza. I didn’t test it in advance for nuno felting which was a mistake. It just didn’t work all that well. It did attach but the wool fibers just didn’t want to stay attached very well.

Stitching Added and Cut Back Applique

Stitching to the rescue! I stitched around the main items. You can’t see very well in the first photo but there were brown stems underneath the fabric. I stitched on both sides of the stems and then cut back the fabric. Then I decided to cut away a bit more of the fabric from the center of the poinsettias. I had started with a size that was much bigger than the postcard. So I cropped it down until I found a pleasing design.

Holiday Postcard

I then added some gold beads to the centers of the poinsettias and attached it to a piece of heavy interfacing with white fabric on the back. Then I stitched around the edges three times. The thread kept breaking and it was driving me crazy but finally I switched to a metallic needle and it worked fine.

Close Up

Here’s a little closer view. I am happy with the results although I got a bit discouraged in the middle of the process. But that’ ¬†usually how things go, isn’t it? Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.