Holiday Card from Elizabeth

I got a wonderful fiber art card in the mail yesterday. We have a Holiday card exchange every year over at the Felting and Fiber Studio Forum. Elizabeth and I swapped cards. I showed you the cards I sent to Elizabeth here. And here is the card she sent to me.


Isn’t it great? I love it and the best part is that she came up with the idea from a memory in her past. Her grandfather used to send all the grandchildren hand drawn birthday cards of silly birds in top hats with a banner with their name on it. So Elizabeth drew inspiration from her grandfather’s cards and sent me a bird with a Christmas hat and a Peace banner. Thanks Elizabeth, it’s perfect!


Swap with a Forum Member + Daffodils!

I did a swap with another Felting and Fiber Studio Forum member, Elizabeth. She was cleaning out art supplies that she was no longer using and showed us some of the stuff. Of course, I couldn’t pass up ink and refillable pens. Thanks Elizabeth for a great swap.

Swap with Elizabeth

So I got these in the mail, plus some extras including the sequins waste, palettes and water-color papers. I haven’t had much chance to try the inks but they are iridescent.


I did do a quick monoprint by dropping some gold ink on glass, then I pressed the already painted brown paper down on the ink. The gold is pretty shiny.

Water Color Papers

These are the water-color papers. They have the paint on them, you take a wet brush and swipe paint off and apply it to the page.

Water Color Sample

Here’s a quick sample of all the colors. They don’t look the same on the paper as they do once you get them wet, that’s for sure.

Blooming Outside

And it’s officially spring here. The first daffodil bloomed today. I have over 500 bulbs planted and when they are all in bloom, they are impressive.

First Daffodils

I weeded around them last week and broke a few off. I didn’t think they would bloom but they did so I have some in the house as well. So Happy Spring and thanks for stopping by!

Holiday Postcard Exchange

I got word from Angela that she received my holiday postcard. So I can show you what I made for her.

Nuno Felted Poinsettias

I started with a nuno felted paper laminated poinsettia. The fabric that I used was some type of really shiny organza. I didn’t test it in advance for nuno felting which was a mistake. It just didn’t work all that well. It did attach but the wool fibers just didn’t want to stay attached very well.

Stitching Added and Cut Back Applique

Stitching to the rescue! I stitched around the main items. You can’t see very well in the first photo but there were brown stems underneath the fabric. I stitched on both sides of the stems and then cut back the fabric. Then I decided to cut away a bit more of the fabric from the center of the poinsettias. I had started with a size that was much bigger than the postcard. So I cropped it down until I found a pleasing design.

Holiday Postcard

I then added some gold beads to the centers of the poinsettias and attached it to a piece of heavy interfacing with white fabric on the back. Then I stitched around the edges three times. The thread kept breaking and it was driving me crazy but finally I switched to a metallic needle and it worked fine.

Close Up

Here’s a little closer view. I am happy with the results although I got a bit discouraged in the middle of the process. But that’  usually how things go, isn’t it? Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Forum Exchange

I got a lovely gift in the mail yesterday from an exchange we did on the forum. I exchanged with Crealou from Quebec. She sent some very soft alpaca fiber and an ornament.

Exchange giftI just love the ornament, such a cute face. It made me smile and I just love the nose 🙂

OrnamentReally adorable – thanks so much Louise, I really enjoyed the exchange.

Inspiration Deck

 In February, I found a blog by Jess Brogan called In Search of Dessert. She was hosting a inspiration deck swap which you can read about here. So I decided to join up and participate. I applied gesso to a deck of playing cards on both sides and then painted them.

 This is what they looked like after I painted and stenciled them.

 Then I printed out a bunch of inspirational sayings on white paper, cut them out and glued them down with a combination of gel medium and walnut ink. That way I glued down the paper at the same time as giving them a coat of walnut ink.

 On the back of the card I put my name and blog addresses. I hope no one was offended by this one but it makes me laugh.

 On Friday, I received these in the mail. A deck of 52 cards from different people with inspirational sayings. Now when I’m in need of inspiration, I can take out the deck and find some. I can also check out 52 different websites or blogs of people who made these.

 I am going to show a few of the cards that I received. Aren’t they wonderful?

I always think it’s great to see what other people come up with when they follow the same instructions. This was a fun swap and thanks to everyone who participated for making my cards. And thanks to Jess for coordinating and making up all these packs of cards. It was fun.

I’ve been felting for the last two days so more photos to come soon.