Holiday Postcard Exchange

I got word from Angela that she received my holiday postcard. So I can show you what I made for her.

Nuno Felted Poinsettias

I started with a nuno felted paper laminated poinsettia. The fabric that I used was some type of really shiny organza. I didn’t test it in advance for nuno felting which was a mistake. It just didn’t work all that well. It did attach but the wool fibers just didn’t want to stay attached very well.

Stitching Added and Cut Back Applique

Stitching to the rescue! I stitched around the main items. You can’t see very well in the first photo but there were brown stems underneath the fabric. I stitched on both sides of the stems and then cut back the fabric. Then I decided to cut away a bit more of the fabric from the center of the poinsettias. I had started with a size that was much bigger than the postcard. So I cropped it down until I found a pleasing design.

Holiday Postcard

I then added some gold beads to the centers of the poinsettias and attached it to a piece of heavy interfacing with white fabric on the back. Then I stitched around the edges three times. The thread kept breaking and it was driving me crazy but finally I switched to a metallic needle and it worked fine.

Close Up

Here’s a little closer view. I am happy with the results although I got a bit discouraged in the middle of the process. But that’  usually how things go, isn’t it? Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

16 thoughts on “Holiday Postcard Exchange

  1. Stunning Ruth! I love it . Lots of processes make for a great result. I didn’t know about metallic needles – now I know why my thread snaps! Thanks for the tip. 🙂

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