Two More Sketchbook Pages

I have been working in my sketchbook lately (see post on the Felting and Fiber Studio for more photos).  These are two pages that I worked on yesterday.


I have showed you this page before, it has a background of gesso and green paint, then it was stamped with the leaf shapes. I drew the roses with a pencil, then redrew in black pen. I then used Tombow pens to color and shade the roses. I am planning on adding stems to the roses and leaves so that all the stamped leaves will be background. I will post another photo when it’s finished.

Cone Flowers

This one is a painted green background with the purple blue color mono printed off of the remaining color left when we were screen printing. I then drew the echinacea with pencil and redrew with black pen. The next step was to paint the flowers in white so that then I could add the color of the flowers without it being overwhelmed by the background. I actually kind of like it this way but I’ll still probably add the color. The only problem is that I used watercolor pencil for the white (the only paint I had at the time) so I will need to go over it either with gesso or white acrylic paint.  Or I could just leave it and call it “Ghost Flowers”. What do you think?

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