More Sketches

We went on a trip this past week to Oregon for the graduation of Dennis’s granddaughter. Loads of driving since Dennis couldn’t drive yet due to the broken shoulder. But I did it and even had some time for a few sketches while we were there. We stayed in a cabin on a cattle ranch so these are a few scenes from the cabin.

We had a wood stove and it was chilly so we even started a fire in the stove one night.

This was the lamp above the kitchen table. I used sepia markers for this one and worked on hatching and cross hatching techniques.

And there was a taxidermy deer for decoration. This one is a pencil sketch and turned out better than I thought it would.

Before we left, I took Dennis to church. This is Trinity Lutheran Church in Kalispell, Montana. While he attended church, I sketched and then added watercolor. I didn’t really have enough time to get it completely finished but it came out OK.

Now off to work on finishing up my nuno felted landscape series. I have been blogging about those over on The Felting and Fiber Studio if you haven’t seen them.

Books Full of Prints

I used up most of the pages I painted last week by filling this notebook with extended prints and collages. I was planning on using the cover I had made a few months ago but the holes were off.  So it ended up being the plain cover on the left. If I have time, I will cover that notebook too. Just have to decide with what. I would like to do a bit of paint pouring on a cover but not sure I have time.

Here are a few of the page spreads. The hardest part is putting them in an order that works with the color on the back of the previous page. I just realized that all of these are tree related but I promise there are other collages and prints that aren’t about trees.

And this is the cover of my larger notebook. This page actually started as a 12″ x 12″ sheet and it needed trimming. I just trimmed where I liked the composition. Then when I was finished with it, I realized it was the exact size to fit correctly on this notebook. I like it when a plan comes together 😉

Aspen Tree

I have been working on my homework for Level 3 Art and Design.  The last couple of weeks has been doing a tree study.

Here’s the tree I picked to study.

Here’s a look into my sketchbook. I am really enjoying this study and now I want to do a bunch of different trees. I guess I will see how much I can get done before I go back to class in December. What have you been working on?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

Another Card and Sketchbook Update

I did actually do some felting today but I’m saving that post for over on The Felting and Fiber Studio next week. I also made a couple of greeting cards with the transfer process that I showed several weeks ago.

Birch Card

The background for the card was from deconstructed screen printing on paper. I think it works well with the birch tree transfer.

Lotus Pod in Sketchbook

This is a sketch that I did when I was out of town last week. Looking at it in the photo, the leaf looks like it needs a bit more work but I like the lotus pod. Hope you have a good weekend.

A Peek Into My Sketchbook

I had quite a bit of waiting time this week, so I worked in my sketchbook while I waited. It always makes the time go by faster.

I showed you this leaf page before but I wasn’t happy with it. Teri suggested that I add a darker value to the background and it was an excellent suggestion. I like the end result much better.

The rest of these were all done in the same manner with soy wax and paint first. Then once the soy wax is removed, I add in more color. So it is easy to work on when I’m waiting as all I need to do is add in whatever color I’d like. It’s kind of mindless but keeps you occupied. Hope you all have a good weekend.