Ukrainian Eggs – Pysanky

Ukrainian eggs are usually associated with Easter, but my local surface design group met today and we decorated some eggs for Christmas ornaments. We had a lot of fun and even though we were not very experienced the results weren’t bad. I don’t have much time this afternoon for a post since I have Christmas Stroll at the store tonight so I’ll leave you with a slide show that has photos of our morning decorating eggs.

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11 thoughts on “Ukrainian Eggs – Pysanky

  1. I have a great story to go with your Ukrainian egg painting–and by the way–I think the designs are both intricate and beautiful! In another lifetime, I counseled European au pair girls, young women who had come to the USA to study and experience the American culture, as well as give part-time child care to families and their young children.
    Because I counseled them and led monthly “cultural” excursions, I decided to include Ukrainian egg painting at the Art Institute of Chicago with a tour and egg painting instruction by a Ukrainian folk artist. As you can imagine, great care and time went into the planning of this event. In my year end survey of favorite excursions, this came dead last, with the Chicago Bulls Game winning top honors. Ah, well.

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