Angelina Challenge

One of the members of my local group got some free packages of heat bondable Angelina and challenged the rest of us to use it in a project. The color she gave us was a “glowing” yellow.  I have two other colors of Angelina fiber in my stash that I rarely use, blue and pink. So I mixed them up in various color combinations, ironed them together and then ironed all the different colors together into a big circle.


So now I had a big sparkly circle of fiber.


Each side looked different depending on how the fiber was mixed together.

Angelina Close Up

Here’s a little closer view.

Angelina Bowl

I then decided to stitch on the Angelina to give it a little more strength. So I stitched in circles and then added some “pleats” to give it shape.

Stitching on Angelina Bowl

I used metallic thread to stitch on the sewing machine. This is so not me.

Angelina Bowl

It still isn’t a very sturdy bowl and my husband says “What would you put in it?” Typical husband question!

Angelina Bowl

But I used up the entire package of yellow Angelina. I still have a lot of pink and blue Angelina left. So it went back in the stash to sit for a while longer. I’ve only had it for three years but luckily it doesn’t go bad. Have a great weekend.

12 thoughts on “Angelina Challenge

  1. Husbands don’t understand ‘ornamental’.

    I like the fluffy edges to the bowl and together with the stitching it puts me to mind of a fairy cobweb.

    Bonded angelina can be cut up and stitched onto felted pieces, same as any fabric, and can be very effective.

    • Thanks Lyn – no husband’s do have a limited understanding of thing sometimes 🙂 Good idea about adding the bonded angelina in shapes to felted pieces. Maybe I would like it better in small doses.

  2. I love angelina and really should use it more, there’s nothing quite as sparkly 🙂 Your bowl looks great and I love Lyn’s idea that it is a fairy cobweb. It’s hard to tell what size it is from the photos but I would tempted to make it into a brooch or scarf pin. To date I have only felted loose fibres into the surface of a piece but I like the idea of making a sheet and using applique shapes for extra sparkle… so many ideas and not enough time! 🙂

  3. I love the look of the flat piece, it has nice light play like an opal. I knew Angelia came in finer deniers than the one I have, but I didn’t realise it was that fine, it looks more like the trilobal nylon top.

  4. hello Ruth. I use Angelina fibers often in my art pieces… I used in the Christmas Post Card I made for Cathy this year.. I love how it makes projects sparkle… It is very me…. Smile…

  5. Its a sweet little bowl, I see a beautiful winter sunrise. I bought a sample pack of non bondable Angelina in various colours some time ago, it’s very nice, but I’m not enthralled with it. I think perhaps I’d prefer the effect of the bondable.

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