Felting Forum Holiday Postcard Exchange

We have a Holiday postcard exchange going on over at the felting forum. Angela from the UK sent me a lovely “card”. Actually it is more of a felt picture as it is bigger than a postcard.

Holiday Felted Picture by Angela

It reminds me of a snowy evening.

Close Up of Felted Picture by Angela

It has wonderful texture.

Close Up of Felted Picture by Angela

And a bit of sparkle which is hard to see in the photograph. I mailed one to Angela at the beginning of the week but I won’t be able to show you that one until she receives it. Thanks Angela – it’s beautiful!


10 thoughts on “Felting Forum Holiday Postcard Exchange

  1. Ruth, that’s a really lovely holiday card you received from Angela…love the texture. I was thrilled to receive my holiday postcard today from Judy in Michigan. It’s posted on the forum!

  2. Your photograhpy succeeded – I can see the sparkles clearly in the last photo. I wonder if Angela could foresee, when she made the snowflake felt, the vast amount of snow that has hit the US?

    • Thanks Lyn – yes, Angela was certainly prophetic with her postcard design. We haven’t gotten the heavy snow like the east coast though. We need more to start skiing soon 🙂

  3. Everyone is so talented…I wanted to do something unique, that used local british wools Herdwick. It is a good job that I did not realise that Ruth is quite famous. ( sitting reading her book when I see Ruth’s picture and have a oh heck moment ) Luckly, it was already in the post by then or I would still be trying to decide what to do.

    • Angela – I’m not sure about the famous part. Yes, I wrote a book but the opportunity just kind of fell into my lap and I had lots of help 🙂 And your piece was wonderful, I love that it is made from local wool.

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