Screen Printing Results

Our local group met today and we worked on shibori. I’ll post about the shibori session on the Felting and Fiber Studio site in a week or so. But I did get some photos of the favorite pieces from the screen printing party.

Sally Glutting with Screen Printed Fabric

Here is Sally with her favorite piece.

Screen Printed Fabric by Sally Glutting

And a little better view of the piece. It has some really nice background details that almost look like water or a lake with trees in the background.

Paula Rindal with Screen Printed Scarf, Nuno Felted in Center

Here’s Paula with her screen printed scarf. She nuno felted the center section and is meant to be a head scarf. The screen that she used was one of my fabric lamination screens.

Louise Barker with Screen Printed Fabric

And this is Louise with her screen printed piece. She has it wrapped around a board. She is thinking of adding some stitching and then covering it with a cold wax technique.

Screen Printed Fabric by Louise Barker

Here’s a closer view.


And here’s a little fellow that came to visit me when I was working this morning.


He/she was right outside my window.


Trying to find something tasty out in the cold, cold weather we are having. Hope you have a nice weekend!

14 thoughts on “Screen Printing Results

  1. Some nice pieces there. Sally’s piece is lovely. Are they Ginko leaves? I also like Cathy’s and I’m sure it will be great with the further processes she intends. Layered techniques give really interesting results. Love your friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Brrr – I don’t like snow – I’m ‘enjoying’ our typical November weather of grey damp/wet but the snow does make the deer look very Christmassy.

    Three terrific pieces: the first is almost ‘Monet’ isn’t it? The second is a great design for a scarf with the wool at the head area and the third one has endless possibilities for stitching. No wonder they’re all very pleased with their work.

    • Thanks Lyn – I guess you wouldn’t like living in Montana. We get plenty of snow every year.

      I agree, the first one does have a Monet feel to it. I guess because of the “movement” in the piece it almost feels like water. It’s funny that most pieces don’t look very promising to start but then once they are rinsed and ironed, the possibilities seem endless.

  3. All of the screen prints turned out well! I really like the โ€œleafy fanโ€ effect on Sallyโ€™s, and the other two open great opportunities for further exploration with fibers, embroidery, paints. But really–the deer stole the show!

  4. All very lovely but I think Sally’s ginko leaves are my favourite, as you say the background looks like trees on a lakeside and the ginko leaves look they are falling in the foreground.

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