Updated Appliqued Portrait

Now that my Level 3 Stitch class is finished, the exhibitions – in person and online – completed, I am going to show my work from the class.

The last time I showed this portrait, she looked like this. I was very unhappy with the angle of the mouth and she just didn’t look right. So what to do. I made this in 2020, so the obvious answer…

Add a mask! That takes away the bad mouth and definitely relates to how I felt about the pandemic. So here’s “Covid Girl”. I guess the moral to the story is, never give up. There is always a solution!

Online Exhibition/Meet the Artists

You are Invited to an Online Exhibition and 

Discussion with the Artists of the

Bachelor Buttons Level 3

Advanced Experimental Stitch Class

Join Tutors Gail Harker and Penny Peters at a free online venue 
Tuesday July 19– 10:30 am – 12:30 pm  PDT

Join us online  (no fee) to view our Level 3 Advance Stitch student’s exhibition of creative stitched artwork. It will truly have you dreaming of wonderful possibilities there are for people just like you.  

Each of our participating artists will have a chance to talk about their experience working through this coursework, in spite of pandemic conditions!  There will be time for questions and answers with the artists.  

The event will be starting at 10:30 am PDT (West Coast US Pacific Daylight Time) and run until 12:30 pm PDT. To convert to your time zone, go to: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.htm

Sign up here:

Click this link to go to the registration page.  

Two More White Samples

I hope you aren’t getting tired of seeing white samples. Perhaps it’s to make up for all those color samples that happened before.

This one is trapunto. I used wool to stuff with and I can see the change in color of the “white” wool through the silk that is on top. It’s not a big deal but you can see the edges where the wool didn’t fill the stitched shape completely.

This one is shadow quilting. I used a heavy interfacing to cut out the bark shapes and then back stitched around them.

Have a great weekend!

More White Samples

I didn’t get a lot done this week due to home circumstances but here are a few more white samples.

This one is a melted polyester on felt. It is always interesting to see how the polyester melts, I used a heat gun on this one.

Here is my first ever attempt at smocking. This is a lattice smocking, I found a Youtube video to follow and it’s a fairly simple process but lots of prep work. It kind of reminded me of doing shibori stitching for dyeing or felt.

This is an example of English style hand quilting. I used one of my stamp designs that I created in Level 3 Art and Design for the pattern. This one has a light tan thread. The instructions were to use a light weight thread in a tone darker than the background. I didn’t have an off white light weight thread so the tan was the closest I had. I think I would have preferred an off white thread.

This last one used a design from a historical study. It is an example of Italian corded quilting It’s stitched on the sewing machine and then the channels were filled with wool yarn. It was an interesting technique.

I haven’t done a lot of these more traditional techniques such as smocking and various forms of quilting. I have a few more to try and then I have to get back to putting my color samples together. I am waiting for some supplies from Dick Blick for the color samples so hopefully, that will arrive soon.

Have a good weekend.

Presentation of Color Samples

I have shown you loads of color samples that I created for my Level 3 Stitch class. Many people wanted to know what I would do with them. Part of our homework has been to figure out how to present the color samples, either in groups or one by itself. Here are a few methods that I finished in the last couple of weeks.

Here’s the front of one that has five studies combined by hand stitching the edges together.

Here’s the back. I had to add backing fabric to one of the color studies. I plan on adding a strip of black felt to the back running down the center but I don’t have a long enough piece. Black felt is on order!

And here it is rolled up. I’m not sure if it will have a way to tie or a closure. I haven’t decided on that yet.

The next couple set of samples needed a method that would combine the smaller pieces that had been stretched around foam core. So I cut pieces of black foam core and used a strip of black cotton fabric between the foam core and the back of the stitched sample. These were glued together. Now they can sit up on a table or be hung on a wall.

This set is presented the same way on the black foam core. It has been an interesting process figuring out which color studies will work together and then how to make all the different samples go together.

These color studies were actually created to go together. They are all machine stitched and have the same backing. So it was easier to figure out how to connect them. I used a knotted insertion stitch to connect the “pages”. It took me a while as I always forget how to do these stitches and it takes some practice to get the right tension and do the stitch correctly.

But I persevered and now the pages can be folded to make a book.

Or displayed in a concertina fashion. I’m still working on the rest of the color studies a little at a time. Keeping busy!

Thanks for stopping by!