Kloster Stitch Sample

Here’s another stitch sample that I created for my Level 3 Stitch class. It is done with Kloster stitch which is a variation of couching. I decided to use a mushroom that I took a photo of near my house as it related to my theme of trees communicating for my larger wall hanging.

The photo of the mushroom is on the left and then I worked through a couple of choices on color themes. I decided to use the blue green, blue violet and orange color theme that I was using in my larger wall hanging in the hopes that the pieces would feel compatible.

Here’s the mushroom stitched on hand dyed linen. I used hand dyed wool thread (lace weight) and stitched the Kloster stitch in different directions to give it more variety. I’m pretty sure that the stem was stitched with a different stitch but I can’t remember now. (And I’m too lazy to go look it up in my sketchbook.)

I ended up with three different mushrooms, in different types of stitch. Too make them more interesting, roots were added to the different mushrooms. These roots were stitched with stem stitch and French knots. I will show you the other two soon.

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2 thoughts on “Kloster Stitch Sample

    • Thank you! Actually, I didn’t find Kloster stich that difficult. It was pretty easy to learn. It fills a lot of space if you have a woolen thread especially the thicker ones.

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