Laidwork Samples

On to a couple more stitch samples from my Level 3 Stitch class.

Here’s another mushroom. This one used Bayeux stitch for the orange section, that much I remember. The remaining stitches were “laidwork” which is essentially different methods of couching. I have forgotten the exact stitches. I have them written down in my class notebook but don’t have that handy at the moment. It’s interesting how easily I forget what stitch is what. When I learn a stitch, I think to myself, I’ve got this. But then if I come back and try to remember how to do the stitch or even what it is called, I’m at a loss. Good thing I have books and the internet to look up how to do these stitches!

Knowing that I was never going to remember the stitches in the next sampler, I wrote them all down. With this many different stitches, this was the only answer.

Here is the finished sampler. The background is Bayeux and Kloster Stitch. Then all the other stitches are noted on the guide above. It was a way to try out a bunch of different stitches to fill a space. I used hand dyed wool thread for this sampler. I ended up framing this piece and it is now hanging in my studio.

8 thoughts on “Laidwork Samples

  1. Wow. So much careful and creative work. I absolutely love the sampler in particular. I’m so glad you have it hanging in your studio.

    • Thanks Lindsay! I’m glad you enjoyed the sampler. I don’t usually use many “fancy” stitches in my landscapes so it was interesting to try out a bunch of new ones.

  2. I love your sampler! What I like is the use of all the various types of stitches, many of which I’m sure I’ve never used before. I am a real novice stitcher. I hope you continue to enjoy and explore the world of stitching!

    • Thanks Carol! Everyone starts somewhere. Get yourself a good reference book for stitches or watch videos on Youtube. I hadn’t tried most of these stitches before. So it was a matter of trying them out and that’s what a sampler is for. I am now taking Level 4 Stitch so I’m continuing to explore and experiment. Such fun!

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