Greeting Card

When I am planning on free motion machine stitching on a piece, I like to practice a little bit first. Usually I practice on a small piece of felt or even plain interfacing. So when I was working on my tamarack piece, I needed to practice the leaves.

Here is the finished piece with the leaves in the upper right hand corner. I was going for a more abstract approach and decided to try some zig zag stitch for the leaves and “straight” free motion stitch for the branches. I practiced with different thread colors on a piece of nuno felt.

Here’s the finished greeting card that I created from the small scrap of FME practice. I added a piece of painted paper behind it and stitched it down with zigzag around the edge. I love to make cards from whatever is laying around in the studio.

Happy Birthday Dennis!

Hello, it’s been a while but I have been staying busy. Working on my Level 3 Stitch homework and getting Edgar (the new dog) adjusted to life with us.

I thought you might like to see the birthday card that I created for Dennis. It’s a collage of Edgar’s face with a background of gelli printed paper.

The design is based on this photo of Edgar waiting patiently for me in the studio room. He is really doing great and he’s making himself at home. He is not as shy as he was and loves to meet new people now. When we first got him, he was terrified of new people. Now that he feels safe with us, he is able to meet new people with much more ease.

Happy Birthday Dennis!


Completed Envelope Book

I finished up the envelope book I showed you last week. I decided to use my own handwriting for the poem even though I generally dislike my own writing. But I went with it anyway. I used a poem by Joan Graham called ‘Nature Knows Its Math’. It seemed to fit and I added in a few more sketches on several pages that referenced the poem.

Here’s the front again. I used a painted piece of rice paper for the binding. The binding paper has a couple layers of acrylic medium to make it stronger. It almost feels like fabric.

I really enjoyed creating this book. It is a very easy book construction and can be decorated in an infinite number of ways. Have you tried creating your own books? I’d love to see them if you have.


Take care and stay safe!


Creating an Envelope Book

Our local group’s challenge this week was to create an envelope book. Paula showed us how to put the envelopes together. We were actually supposed to collage the pages but I didn’t end up doing much collage work.

I decided to paint my envelopes first. I did that with watercolors and high fluid acrylic dark brown paint. I used a variety of threads, cheesecloth and plastic wrap to get the various organic designs. Afterwards, I had to iron all the envelopes as they got very warped from the liquid applied. The glue also didn’t hold well and they all started to come apart.


Here is an example of one envelope after the paint dried and the envelope was ironed.

I then put the book together. You slide the flap into the previous envelope, fold the envelope back in the opposite direction and then just keep adding another envelope until you have a book. In the right hand photo, you can probably see that the envelopes haven’t been glued yet. I had to glue them all back together and then glue each flap into the prior envelope. That way the book holds together. Now on to embellishing.

This is the front cover. I added some paint pens, markers and colored pencil. Always fun to see what you can find in these very organic looking designs.

Here’s another set of pages where I added some collage elements on the right hand side. The darker grey torn paper can be lifted to see what’s underneath. The plan is to add some poetry to the blank papers that I am adding in.  I’m still working on finishing the book but I’ll show you more next week.

Stay safe!


More Color Collages

I have been working through a variety of color schemes as well as dyeing more fabric in colors that I don’t have as many choices. I did get some different fabric from Dharma Trading that I hadn’t used before. I dyed some of that this morning and I will show you that next week. Here are a few collages that I have finished.

This one is primary colors, red, yellow and blue. It’s free motion machine stitched over tulle on white fabric background.

This one is green and red. You can’t see much of the red in this photo but it’s there. Love the textures on this one. The pieces are machine stitched to the background.

This is a more complex color scheme of red violet, blue violet, yellow orange and yellow green. The more colors that you add, the tougher these are. This one is also machine stitched. I am doing some hand stitched ones too, so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend.