Completed Envelope Book

I finished up the envelope book I showed you last week. I decided to use my own handwriting for the poem even though I generally dislike my own writing. But I went with it anyway. I used a poem by Joan Graham called ‘Nature Knows Its Math’. It seemed to fit and I added in a few more sketches on several pages that referenced the poem.

Here’s the front again. I used a painted piece of rice paper for the binding. The binding paper has a couple layers of acrylic medium to make it stronger. It almost feels like fabric.

I really enjoyed creating this book. It is a very easy book construction and can be decorated in an infinite number of ways. Have you tried creating your own books? I’d love to see them if you have.


Take care and stay safe!


18 thoughts on “Completed Envelope Book

  1. Absolutely love it – the colours and patterns are beautiful and the writing makes it a ‘page turner’. What an achievement!

    • Thanks Ann, it took me a while to find a poem that I liked and that worked well with the book. I probably should have started with an idea for a poem to begin but you know how that goes.

  2. Wowsa Ruth! Love all the colors and textures. Could wander thru it often and always find new things to delight me.
    You are awesome!

  3. Ruth your book is fabulous.
    I don’t know how I missed last week’s post & this one from Fri!
    Love the artwork which is very ‘organic’ & how you have placed the poem. Did you paint the back & front separately (you’d have to wait for the paint to dry each time) or open the envelopes then paint them in one go before re-forming them.
    Of the many books I’ve done, I’ve not tried this one….I’ll put the thought in the overflowing pending file!

    • Thanks Antje, I painted one side of all the envelopes first. Then let them dry. I ironed them flat again and then painted the other side of all the envelopes. My first post shows the envelopes all lined up after painting. I hadn’t tried this type of book format before either but it’s a simple construction.

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