More Color Collages

I have been working through a variety of color schemes as well as dyeing more fabric in colors that I don’t have as many choices. I did get some different fabric from Dharma Trading that I hadn’t used before. I dyed some of that this morning and I will show you that next week. Here are a few collages that I have finished.

This one is primary colors, red, yellow and blue. It’s free motion machine stitched over tulle on white fabric background.

This one is green and red. You can’t see much of the red in this photo but it’s there. Love the textures on this one. The pieces are machine stitched to the background.

This is a more complex color scheme of red violet, blue violet, yellow orange and yellow green. The more colors that you add, the tougher these are. This one is also machine stitched. I am doing some hand stitched ones too, so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend.

6 thoughts on “More Color Collages

  1. All three are lovely ! The first one hints at ice, the second at forest and the third is like an aerial view of a city – love the colours together on that one.

  2. Love the organic stitching of the first with its tulles layers, the great texture of the green and elegant layout & colour choice of the third. All 3 are very different- looking forward to seeing more.

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