Five in a Row

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you some color studies I have been creating. I finished the last one and thought you might like to see all five of them.

Here is the last one that has more black and white and less of the other colors.

And here is a photo with all five in a row. I tried the different colors in many different positions trying to decide which ones looked the best together as well as the overall progression of color. This was the combination I liked best so far. But that could change depending on what method I decide to attach them together.

These were fun. I don’t use the automatic stitch choices on my machine much. It took a bit to figure out how to do only one or two stitches and all those other fancy functions that I rarely use on my machine. But it was a good learning process.

I hope you’re staying safe. I am staying at home and yesterday, my art group met by Zoom. We had a great time and it was easy. If you haven’t given it a try, Zoom is well worth the look.

Back to Color Studies

I thought I wasn’t going to have much more time for color studies. But all of a sudden, I have loads of time on my hands; as many people do at this point. So I am pretty sure that I showed you this first color study. It was done when I was working on all the rest.

I liked the concept of this one and thought it would be fun to make a series. I would use the same color scheme but emphasize a different color with each study. These are all 6″x 6″ and will eventually be connected into some kind of book format. I’m not exactly sure on how they will connect yet or which order they will be in.

I emphasized blue violet on this one. All of these are done on a heavy stabilizer with fused fabrics and automatic machine stitching. These are all inspired by some photos that Antje kindly sent me.

This red orange one is really bright, isn’t it? But I like how the stitching looks like doodles.

And another bright one that has a yellow orange emphasis. Looking at these, it might be interesting to cover these with a layer of sheer and perhaps burn back the sheer to reveal just a few bright areas. Food for thought anyways.

This last one isn’t stitched yet. It is mainly black and white. I have been stitching these one per day so that I don’t get overwhelmed with changing automatic stitches and colors of thread.

Here is one possible combination of pieces together. I also need to work out how to treat the backs of each of these. In book format, the backs will be exposed. One thought was to fuse fabric on the back side, perhaps in the main color used on the front? Still working out what I think will be the best idea for the finished piece.

I hope that you are all staying safe out there. Thank you to all of you who are on the front lines of this crisis. I appreciate your effort and I’m staying home as instructed.

I Lied

I told you last week that you had seen the last of the color studies. But I lied.

Here’s one more. I didn’t particularly like my first orange and blue study so I did another one. This has a background fabric of silk noil covered with silk organza. You can’t see it here but I got the pattern of stitching from the pattern of dye on the silk organza. I used stem stitch and did three rows to give it more weight. I was considering filling the blue shape completely in with stem stitch but I like the balance of blue to orange at this point so I think it’s done. So perhaps this is the last one, maybe…

Last of the Color Studies

I have come to the end of the color studies and I’m getting ready to go back to session two of my Level 3 Stitch class soon.

This is a take off on a sample that Antje sent me a photo of that she had created. Thanks for the idea Antje. I think mine doesn’t quite measure up to yours. This looks way too busy to me. But maybe I should have just kept adding more stitching. Plus I can’t stitch straight even using automatic stitching. Perhaps that is why I prefer more organic patterns. I don’t have to worry about it being straight.

Here’s a new set of thread that arrive today. I bought it with Christmas money from my mom. This is #12 weight Sulky cotton thread in the “first 80 colors”. It includes some multi color “blendable” threads as well. There are empty spaces in the box, oh my! Now I feel like I need to buy some more colors to fill in the blanks.

I tried them out on this color study. And again, I can’t seem to keep the machine going straight. But the thread is nice and heavy and really shows up well. I think this piece would have been better if I hadn’t used all 12 weight thread but thrown in some 40 weight so that it would give a contrast in line.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend!

More Color Studies

I’m still doing a few more color studies. I learn more each time I do one so it couldn’t hurt to keep going 🙂

First I did another color overlay starting with yellow-orange and yellow fabric as a base. I then used polyester sheers over top. I like the subtle changes that you get with this.

Next up, I wanted to try a monochromatic piece with a variety of different fabric. So this is the result. Do you like it better with the uneven edges or cropped? Right now I have just left the uneven edges as they are. I think it gives it a bit  more interest.

Have a good weekend!