Last of the Color Studies

I have come to the end of the color studies and I’m getting ready to go back to session two of my Level 3 Stitch class soon.

This is a take off on a sample that Antje sent me a photo of that she had created. Thanks for the idea Antje. I think mine doesn’t quite measure up to yours. This looks way too busy to me. But maybe I should have just kept adding more stitching. Plus I can’t stitch straight even using automatic stitching. Perhaps that is why I prefer more organic patterns. I don’t have to worry about it being straight.

Here’s a new set of thread that arrive today. I bought it with Christmas money from my mom. This is #12 weight Sulky cotton thread in the “first 80 colors”. It includes some multi color “blendable” threads as well. There are empty spaces in the box, oh my! Now I feel like I need to buy some more colors to fill in the blanks.

I tried them out on this color study. And again, I can’t seem to keep the machine going straight. But the thread is nice and heavy and really shows up well. I think this piece would have been better if I hadn’t used all 12 weight thread but thrown in some 40 weight so that it would give a contrast in line.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend!

9 thoughts on “Last of the Color Studies

  1. What a fabulous box of threads! I think it’s now law that you have to fill the empty gaps with more spools. Tee-hee.
    The colours in your new piece work really well together.

  2. Love your colour samples Ruth. Hope you had fun with the stitching….just go organic girl!
    Did you use the 12wt in the top?
    I agree with Lyn about filling the gaps in the box and of course all the colours must be in graduated sequence.
    It would be interesting to see a photo of all your colour samples en masse – you’ve been so productive. I’m sure though that you are now eager to try new challenges.

    • Thanks Antje! There is no 12 wt in the top sample. But there is a bit of cable stitch with Perle cotton which gives a similar look. All my color samples are in a 3 ring binder which is full to the brim. But if I do lay them out at some point, I’ll try to remember to take photos.

  3. Ah ha I now see the confusion….I know you used the 12wt on your second sample. What I meant when I said ‘have you used the 12wt thread in the top’ was – did you use it as a top machine thread rather than in the bobbin?

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