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I thought I wasn’t going to have much more time for color studies. But all of a sudden, I have loads of time on my hands; as many people do at this point. So I am pretty sure that I showed you this first color study. It was done when I was working on all the rest.

I liked the concept of this one and thought it would be fun to make a series. I would use the same color scheme but emphasize a different color with each study. These are all 6″x 6″ and will eventually be connected into some kind of book format. I’m not exactly sure on how they will connect yet or which order they will be in.

I emphasized blue violet on this one. All of these are done on a heavy stabilizer with fused fabrics and automatic machine stitching. These are all inspired by some photos that Antje kindly sent me.

This red orange one is really bright, isn’t it? But I like how the stitching looks like doodles.

And another bright one that has a yellow orange emphasis. Looking at these, it might be interesting to cover these with a layer of sheer and perhaps burn back the sheer to reveal just a few bright areas. Food for thought anyways.

This last one isn’t stitched yet. It is mainly black and white. I have been stitching these one per day so that I don’t get overwhelmed with changing automatic stitches and colors of thread.

Here is one possible combination of pieces together. I also need to work out how to treat the backs of each of these. In book format, the backs will be exposed. One thought was to fuse fabric on the back side, perhaps in the main color used on the front? Still working out what I think will be the best idea for the finished piece.

I hope that you are all staying safe out there. Thank you to all of you who are on the front lines of this crisis. I appreciate your effort and I’m staying home as instructed.

11 thoughts on “Back to Color Studies

  1. What a lovely theme. They are all wonderful! Annie and I often enjoy the reverse of textiles as much as the fronts – do you have to cover them?

  2. Ruth these are wonderfully colourful & make a great set. Are you wanting actual pages or could you make it a concertina book? I,ll send you something by another artist that has jumped into mind.

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