Red, Blue Green and Yellow Green Collage

I attended my first session of Level 3 Stitch at Gail Harker Creative Studies Center last week. We started with dyeing a variety of fabric and threads in a bright color wheel and then a neutralized color wheel. Then we got started on a variety of fabric and stitch pieces that I am calling collages.

We are working our way through a variety of color schemes using both hand and machine stitch. But mainly the exercises are about color and how to put different color schemes together.

This is the red, blue green and yellow green color scheme. The piece on the left was free motion machine stitched and the one on the right with stripes is just regular straight stitch. Then the idea was to cut them up and put them back together. I decided to use two different pieces to give a bit more contrast.

So I cut the pieces up into strips and sewed them back together.

Then they were cut again and sewed again. Looking better! Next up was to put all the pieces into one bigger piece.

And here’s the end result. This was fun to do and I do like the effect. You definitely look more at the colors then any particular design. I will be showing you a lot of these in the coming months; little color studies in fabric and stitch.


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