Discharging Fabric with Paste and Bleach

My local art group met last week and we did some discharging on fabric in my garage. Luckily, we have a new heater in the garage because it has gotten pretty cold here.

We set up with a variety of resists and mixed bleach with water for dipping and for spraying. I don’t have any photos of the dipped cloth but Paula made a really nice shibori piece wrapped around a piece of PVC pipe. Everyone had different kinds of black and colored fabric and some worked great while others not as well. We had to increase our bleach amount in the spray bottles to get good results.

Here are a couple of pieces of cloth that have items placed on the cloth and then were spayed with bleach water.

We used stencils and screens with thickened bleach and discharge paste as well. The silk scarf on the right is mine. It took forever to do and the results were so so. Not really worth the effort.

Here’s Deb spraying her green piece with the keys. After the pieces are bleached as much as you want, then you put them into a solution of Bleach Stop and water to soak. After that you rinse in clean water. Afterwards, it is best to wash the fabric in the washing machine. Hopefully, I will be able to show more of the results after our next meeting.

And here’s a few of the results. Sorry Paula, I didn’t realize your eyes were closed but the fabric looks great!

6 thoughts on “Discharging Fabric with Paste and Bleach

  1. There are some great results here, I love the cloth with dark circles, they remind me of moon craters. I think your screen printed piece has potential too, I think it just needs a high contrast (black?) motif linking the screen-printed motifs together. I am seeing scrolls, but it could be twigs, wavy lines…. I would be curious to see if you try to rescue it 🙂

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