Felt Applique Completed

I finished couching down the yarn on to the felt applique piece I have been working on.

Here’s the completed piece wrapped around matte board. I didn’t lace it on yet, just taped it on the back so I could see how I liked it. I think it would look better with a border but I will have to find the right piece of fabric for it.

Here area couple of close ups of the couched down yarn. I haven’t come up with any name for this piece yet. Any suggestions?


8 thoughts on “Felt Applique Completed

  1. Motion most definitely! I was reminded of the intricate workings in a clock (cog wheels). It’s a lovely piece Ruth but title? …. sorry, no idea.

  2. It’s beautiful Ruth.
    Re name….flowers & foliage, seasonal, circles of time, natural cycle….that’s all that comes to mind at the mo.
    Let us all know what you decide please.

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