Framed Artwork and New Gallery Representation

Lots of people asked to see my recent landscapes once they had been framed. I get my work professionally framed with a narrow, black wooden frame. If you’re in Whitefish, MT and need some framing done, I highly recommend my framer, FoR Fine Art. They also have a wonderful art gallery in Whitefish and Bigfork, MT and Tucson, AZ.

Here are the two biggest pieces after framing. They are approximately 20″ x 30-32″.

Here’s a couple more that I completed over the winter.

And the last one with it’s new frame. 

I have been working on getting new gallery representation and contacted a couple of places. I heard back from Northwest Handmade in Sandpoint, ID. I took 16 pieces over to them and will be taking them some snow dyed silk scarves when we go back by there in July. Yay, happy dance.

I decided to make a few more 5″ x 7″ pieces to take with me but didn’t get a chance to show them here. These are included in the 16 pieces that went to Sandpoint. If you happen to be in the area, please stop by and visit Northwest Handmade!

The five framed pieces shown at the top of the post weren’t ready when I went to Sandpoint. I picked them up from the framers and the next day, I heard back from 4 Ravens Gallery in Missoula, MT. They were interested in carrying my work too! Wow! Those five landscapes will be on display towards the end of June. Again, if you happen to be in Missoula, MT, please stop by and visit 4 Ravens Gallery.

It is great to have two galleries carrying my artwork but now I have to get busy and make some new pieces to replace any that sell. (I’m being hopeful and thinking positively.)

Greeting Card

When I am planning on free motion machine stitching on a piece, I like to practice a little bit first. Usually I practice on a small piece of felt or even plain interfacing. So when I was working on my tamarack piece, I needed to practice the leaves.

Here is the finished piece with the leaves in the upper right hand corner. I was going for a more abstract approach and decided to try some zig zag stitch for the leaves and “straight” free motion stitch for the branches. I practiced with different thread colors on a piece of nuno felt.

Here’s the finished greeting card that I created from the small scrap of FME practice. I added a piece of painted paper behind it and stitched it down with zigzag around the edge. I love to make cards from whatever is laying around in the studio.

More White Samples

I didn’t get a lot done this week due to home circumstances but here are a few more white samples.

This one is a melted polyester on felt. It is always interesting to see how the polyester melts, I used a heat gun on this one.

Here is my first ever attempt at smocking. This is a lattice smocking, I found a Youtube video to follow and it’s a fairly simple process but lots of prep work. It kind of reminded me of doing shibori stitching for dyeing or felt.

This is an example of English style hand quilting. I used one of my stamp designs that I created in Level 3 Art and Design for the pattern. This one has a light tan thread. The instructions were to use a light weight thread in a tone darker than the background. I didn’t have an off white light weight thread so the tan was the closest I had. I think I would have preferred an off white thread.

This last one used a design from a historical study. It is an example of Italian corded quilting It’s stitched on the sewing machine and then the channels were filled with wool yarn. It was an interesting technique.

I haven’t done a lot of these more traditional techniques such as smocking and various forms of quilting. I have a few more to try and then I have to get back to putting my color samples together. I am waiting for some supplies from Dick Blick for the color samples so hopefully, that will arrive soon.

Have a good weekend.

Red, Blue Green and Yellow Green Collage

I attended my first session of Level 3 Stitch at Gail Harker Creative Studies Center last week. We started with dyeing a variety of fabric and threads in a bright color wheel and then a neutralized color wheel. Then we got started on a variety of fabric and stitch pieces that I am calling collages.

We are working our way through a variety of color schemes using both hand and machine stitch. But mainly the exercises are about color and how to put different color schemes together.

This is the red, blue green and yellow green color scheme. The piece on the left was free motion machine stitched and the one on the right with stripes is just regular straight stitch. Then the idea was to cut them up and put them back together. I decided to use two different pieces to give a bit more contrast.

So I cut the pieces up into strips and sewed them back together.

Then they were cut again and sewed again. Looking better! Next up was to put all the pieces into one bigger piece.

And here’s the end result. This was fun to do and I do like the effect. You definitely look more at the colors then any particular design. I will be showing you a lot of these in the coming months; little color studies in fabric and stitch.


Free Motion Stitching on Felt

I’m still busy working on my next online class, Free Motion Stitching on Felt. I’m getting closer and I’m fairly certain that I will be able to have a class start date in March.

Poppy Stitched on Felt

This is one of the samples that I stitched today. The background is deconstructed screen printing and then I stitched the poppy. It’s an examples of thread sketching. I can’t decide if I like it or not. I have a notion to add some color in the flower and stem with paint. Or should I just leave it? What do you think?