Color Homework

Hurray! I finally finished my Free Motion Stitching on Felt online course preparations. I have set the date for March 17, 2017 and registration will open in February. So if you’re interested, you can see more details about the class here. It’s going to be a really fun class so if you’d like to learn how to machine stitch on felt or improve your free motion skills, I think you will learn a lot!

In my spare time (Ha, what’s that?), I have been doing a few color homework exercises. My Level 3 Art and Design course starts in February and since it has been nearly three years since I took the color course, I thought I should brush up on my color scales and other suggested exercises that I didn’t finish before.

Color Homework

So I have been working on color scales, made a colored pencil color chart for my newer colored pencils and in general, playing with paints. I always forget how fascinating it is to mix different colors and see the differences between, for example, two different reds with the same green. I always learn something every time I mix paints.

I also have been working with colored pencils and watching a few videos on YouTube on how to use them. I have never been really satisfied with my use of colored pencils so I thought I should learn a bit more about how to use them correctly. Lachri Fine Art has some really good videos and she does some beautiful colored pencil drawings. So the Instagram photo above is my start to a colored pencil drawing. That is just the very first color on the background. It takes a long while to do this correctly so I will show you stages as I go along. I also have to get some odorless mineral spirits to help blend the colors. I think this is going to take me a long while to finish.

Printed and Stitched Felt

I finally finished recording all the videos for my free motion stitching online class. Now comes the laborious process of editing. Made a couple more samples today.

Printed and Stitched Felt

I don’t remember if I have shown you this piece of felt before. It was screen printed several times. Today I added some basic free motion stitching around the leaves. It’s always easier when you have a pattern to follow.

Printed and Stitched Felt Close Up

The stitching does bring out the leaves a little bit more and looks better in person. These photos aren’t the best as it was a little late in the afternoon for any natural light. Not sure what I will do with this piece of felt. It might make a couple of drink sleeves if it is long enough. I’ll have to see.

Free Motion Stitching on Felt

I’m still busy working on my next online class, Free Motion Stitching on Felt. I’m getting closer and I’m fairly certain that I will be able to have a class start date in March.

Poppy Stitched on Felt

This is one of the samples that I stitched today. The background is deconstructed screen printing and then I stitched the poppy. It’s an examples of thread sketching. I can’t decide if I like it or not. I have a notion to add some color in the flower and stem with paint. Or should I just leave it? What do you think?

Stitched Seed Heads

This morning I had a real adventure moving really heavy ski lift chairs from place to place. I was planning on this only taking a couple of hours but it lasted more than half the day. I am working on a fund-raiser where the ski lift chairs are being turned into benches and then made into masterpieces by various local artists. I am not sure how much they weigh but they are over 7 foot long and quite awkward. Luckily, I had lots of helpers. Needless to say, I didn’t get much fiber art done today.

Machine Stitched Seed Heads on Painted BackgroundI am still writing my next online class and this is one of my samples. This is stitched on heavy interfacing instead of felt but it’s just for practice. I stitched this last week but I added some Dye-Na-Flow paint today. The painted background really makes it look more interesting. The paint is still wet in this photo so I’m not sure how it will turn out since I wet the interfacing down before painting. That allows the paint to move much more freely. And it will probably be a bit lighter in color when dry.


Cropped Seed Heads

And then I was playing around a bit with cropping to see if I liked it better with less of the stems showing. What do you think?

Free Motion Stitching On Felt

Still busy working away on my next online class. I’ve been writing, editing photos and making samples.

Stitched Leaves on Felt

I stitched some leaves on this multi colored felt. It was printed on the back but wasn’t the best so I thought it would be great for these leaves.

Oak Leaf with Acorns

I cut them out and now I’m thinking of what I will do with them. Just happened to have a few acorns to add!

Nuno Felted Flower with Leaf

This flower was nuno felted. I think it still needs a few beads in the center if I’m going to use it with this leaf. How would you use felt leaves?