Two More White Samples

I hope you aren’t getting tired of seeing white samples. Perhaps it’s to make up for all those color samples that happened before.

This one is trapunto. I used wool to stuff with and I can see the change in color of the “white” wool through the silk that is on top. It’s not a big deal but you can see the edges where the wool didn’t fill the stitched shape completely.

This one is shadow quilting. I used a heavy interfacing to cut out the bark shapes and then back stitched around them.

Have a great weekend!

More White Samples

I didn’t get a lot done this week due to home circumstances but here are a few more white samples.

This one is a melted polyester on felt. It is always interesting to see how the polyester melts, I used a heat gun on this one.

Here is my first ever attempt at smocking. This is a lattice smocking, I found a Youtube video to follow and it’s a fairly simple process but lots of prep work. It kind of reminded me of doing shibori stitching for dyeing or felt.

This is an example of English style hand quilting. I used one of my stamp designs that I created in Level 3 Art and Design for the pattern. This one has a light tan thread. The instructions were to use a light weight thread in a tone darker than the background. I didn’t have an off white light weight thread so the tan was the closest I had. I think I would have preferred an off white thread.

This last one used a design from a historical study. It is an example of Italian corded quilting It’s stitched on the sewing machine and then the channels were filled with wool yarn. It was an interesting technique.

I haven’t done a lot of these more traditional techniques such as smocking and various forms of quilting. I have a few more to try and then I have to get back to putting my color samples together. I am waiting for some supplies from Dick Blick for the color samples so hopefully, that will arrive soon.

Have a good weekend.

White on White Samples

Last week I “went” to class for Level 3 Stitch. We had class online. It was an interesting experience. Not quite the same as real class but we are able to move forward and continue class so it was good. It was really great to get feedback on the applique pieces and we’re starting to think about what our “big” project will be. We also looked at white on white and how that affects design. So now, you guessed it, white on white samples.

It’s interesting to see all the different “whites” in fabric. Something may look white but then you put it up to something that is a much brighter and whiter white and it is a totally different color.

White felt is definitely not the same as white cotton fabric. It’s interesting to see the different textures that sewing on different types of fabric creates.

And even paper is game.

Lighter fabrics are easy to manipulate with stitching.

I have been searching through my stash to find what I have in white.

Quilting in white definitely shows the shadows of the stitching.

I borrowed this idea from one of my classmates color samples. This stitch and slash technique is really good with different colors of fabric as it really achieves some interesting color mixing. I thought I would see what it did with different white fabrics. It gives a really nice texture. It kind of reminds me of stone carvings.

And this last one is using the cut off partially sewn edges from the piece above. This could definitely give some interesting textures.

Have you ever stitched white on white samples? I’d love to see them if you have! Hope you are all staying safe out there in this big, weird world.

White on White Aspen Collage

The last bit of homework is done. Now I have to collect everything together in a great big pile and get ready to go back to class. It will probably take me all afternoon to finish that task. I’m always afraid that I will leave something I need at home. Thus I take the entire studio with me 🙂

This is a sketch of the aspen tree I have been studying in the spring. The leaves are just starting to grow bigger and it still has its little seed pod thingees. I am not sure what these are called. The assignment was a white on white collage.

Here’s what I came up with. Enlarge the photo to see it better. White on white is definitely subtle.

Here’s a bit closer view. I used a variety of Japanese rice papers to create the tree. I hope you have a great weekend and I will post again once I return from class.