Two More White Samples

I hope you aren’t getting tired of seeing white samples. Perhaps it’s to make up for all those color samples that happened before.

This one is trapunto. I used wool to stuff with and I can see the change in color of the “white” wool through the silk that is on top. It’s not a big deal but you can see the edges where the wool didn’t fill the stitched shape completely.

This one is shadow quilting. I used a heavy interfacing to cut out the bark shapes and then back stitched around them.

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Two More White Samples

  1. Not easy to photograph! I like the way the shadows show on the white and the way the wool changes the white of the silk. I hope you enjoyed your slow stitching on the second one with all that back-stitch.

    • Thanks Antje, I like that one too. Stitching over the light box actually helped with the patience part, otherwise I would have been pulling my hair out. 😉

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