More Homework

So I finally decided what to do with the octagons. I glued them on to the blue background but then cut the edge and added the darker purple page behind it in the sketch book.

So here’s the result. It’s OK but not my favorite.

Here’s a couple of hexagons. The one on the left I showed you before but I decided to color it in with metallic gel pens. The one on the right has several layers with pieces glued down and parts cut out to see the page behind.

Here’s a few more circle designs.

This one is a cut paper collage based on tree rings.

This one is done with white gel pen on colored paper. It is repeating circle patterns.

This last one is for the exercise on radiation. I based it on frost. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a good weekend!

Circles Sketchbook All Filled Up

I have been adding a few more pages to my circles sketchbook over the last month or so. The notebook is completely filled up so I guess it’s finished. I’m sure I will keep using the circle in designing as I have really enjoyed working in the sketchbook.

These three pages were some of the pages that I printed with breakdown screen printing. I just added a bit of silver with a silver Sharpie pen.

Circle Stripes

This one is done with various sized black pens.

Doodled Rainbow Circles on Yellow

I doodled on the rainbow-colored paper and then cut it into a variety of sizes of circles. Then I glued it down to the yellow page.

Orange Zentangle Pie

This one was cutting the circle up into wedges and then filling the wedges with Zentangles. I added the black lines on top to add a little interest to the page.

Shades of Grey

These circles are done with white, black and grey. All of the designs don’t really seem to go together but I like the individual designs.

Spiral Explosion

This one was an experiment with wet paper that I pushed on to a textured rolling pin. Then I painted it to go with the page. I’m not sure how I got the yellow “explosion” on the right side of the page but I didn’t do it on purpose.

Spiral Star

Here’s a spiraling star done in ink on a painted page.


This is another of my screen printed pages. I glued down the trilobite that was screen printed on paper towel and then added walnut ink. It’s not really a circle but I put it in anyways.

Circles Notebook Cover

And this is the cover. It is done with metallic Sharpie pens on black paper. I had never tried the metallic Sharpies and I really like them. They come in a set of three with silver, bronze and gold. It’s amazing how many different designs you can develop just starting with the concept of a circle.

Circle Sketchbook

I have been busy with company from Chicago all week and haven’t had much time for creative pursuits. I’m still working in my circle sketchbook in spare moments. These photos are from pages that I have completed over the last month or so.

Circle FrameThis is the most recent page that I finished. It is actually two pages with the orange painted page being a “frame” and the page behind a doodled radiating design.

Orange and Red DoodleHere’s the entire doodle page.

Partial Radiation Berries and RibbonsThis is another radiating design done with black pen and colored pencil.

Greens and Purple CircleThis is two pages as well. The circle design is on one page and the painted green background is a separate page.

Amorphous CircleThis one was done with black pen and Inktense pencils which I then painted with water to spread the colors.

Blue Tattoo Swirly CircleThe design here is based on a tattoo design that I found on the web. It is done with black pen and colored pencil. All of these are on paper that is painted beforehand with acrylic ink or paint.

Black SwirlsNow we’re moving back into some black and white designs. This is using black pens of various sizes and just doing loose swirls. I am really enjoying working in my sketchbook and circles is such a broad theme, it’s amazing the different ideas that come to mind with circles as your theme.








Ice Flowers Finished

I received my order of stretcher bars this week and framed my ice flowers piece. I am deciding if it should be called Ice Flowers, Ice Flower Riot or Ice Flower Stampede. What do you think? MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

I had never put stretcher bars together before but it was pretty simple. I ordered extra support bars since the piece is so long and narrow. The supports help keep it square.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAOnce I got the stretcher bars together, I put them on the back of the piece and began stapling from the centers outward.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe corners were a bit tricky but I finally got them folded nicely.



Here it is. This is a terrible photo but we’re having a blizzard here so I couldn’t take it outside. I’ll have to get some better photos later. I decided against the leaf sprigs. I also had a suggestion to add a more prominent flower as a center of interest. I did try a few but didn’t like them so I just left it as it is.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI have shown this piece before but I really didn’t like the leaves. I had previously made really long leaves that looked like tulip leaves. So I tore them off and cut them up and now I think it looks more like rose leaves. I just need to glue them down now.

Star Wars CircleI have still been working in my circles sketchbook. This is one of the pages that I have done with markers. The background was a breakdown screen print from our mammoth screen printing session. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by!