Circle Sketchbook

I have been busy with company from Chicago all week and haven’t had much time for creative pursuits. I’m still working in my circle sketchbook in spare moments. These photos are from pages that I have completed over the last month or so.

Circle FrameThis is the most recent page that I finished. It is actually two pages with the orange painted page being a “frame” and the page behind a doodled radiating design.

Orange and Red DoodleHere’s the entire doodle page.

Partial Radiation Berries and RibbonsThis is another radiating design done with black pen and colored pencil.

Greens and Purple CircleThis is two pages as well. The circle design is on one page and the painted green background is a separate page.

Amorphous CircleThis one was done with black pen and Inktense pencils which I then painted with water to spread the colors.

Blue Tattoo Swirly CircleThe design here is based on a tattoo design that I found on the web. It is done with black pen and colored pencil. All of these are on paper that is painted beforehand with acrylic ink or paint.

Black SwirlsNow we’re moving back into some black and white designs. This is using black pens of various sizes and just doing loose swirls. I am really enjoying working in my sketchbook and circles is such a broad theme, it’s amazing the different ideas that come to mind with circles as your theme.








15 thoughts on “Circle Sketchbook

  1. They are all beautiful. They all have such detail especially the first two. Did you sketch out the design ahead or just go for it? I imagine the black and white circles would very meditative. My favorites are the two with the green background. Keep circling Ruth!

    • Thanks Marilyn – I am really bad at doodling so I always sketch the design in pencil and then go over it in black pen outline. Then I color in with colored pencils usually.

      • That’s incredible amount of patience for such an intricate design! Kudos to you. I’m not sure I’d have the patience. 🙂

  2. Your designs are so intricate and appealing at the same time. It seems like you are enjoying the Circles coursework. Do you think any of the above circles will carry over to your felt work?

  3. I don’t think you can get away with saying you haven’t had much time for creative pursuits and then share a sketchbook full of beautiful designs that must have taken hours to create! ;o) The fourth one down reminds me of drawing cross sections through plants under the microscope in biology class. What is your inspiration for so many different designs?

    • Well, it is less then my usual time spent. I do the sketchbook stuff in spare moments while I’m waiting or I’m not busy at the store. I use lots of different inspirations. Some I find online and then change a bit to make them my own. Others come from photos and one came from a “sun” pewter key chain that I have. Inspiration is everywhere! 🙂

  4. I second Teri’s comment about your time spent on creative pursuits! The intracacy of your designs is delightful.

    I love the idea of doodling circles and will have a go next time I’m stuck on the phone for ages.

    • Thanks Lyn – those spare moments really do add up. I love the circles theme because it is so diverse but you don’t have to think about it too much either. I’d love to see your doodles if you do any.

  5. Lovely doodles! I’m a doodler, usually leaves, flowers and stars – they say that star doodlers are dreamers! 🙂 Will give circles a go. It will be good therapy as I’ve ‘pulled’ something in my lower back and I’m thoroughly fed up with reading and watching TV!!!! 😦

    • Thanks Judith – I don’t doodle very well really. I do the design in pencil and then in pen and then color in. I have a hard time just going for it with a pen. I hope your back feels better soon – my husband is having the same problem. I’d love to see your circle doodles if you do any.

  6. Great “doodles” . I love the arms on the tattoo one. Two of the green background ones really remind me of biology class too. I do swirls and pointy designs that go round and round themselves I have been searching bookstores and second hand book stores looking for a book of microscopic photography. the photos were very inspirational when I saw it at someone’s home.

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