Ice Flowers Finished

I received my order of stretcher bars this week and framed my ice flowers piece. I am deciding if it should be called Ice Flowers, Ice Flower Riot or Ice Flower Stampede. What do you think? MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

I had never put stretcher bars together before but it was pretty simple. I ordered extra support bars since the piece is so long and narrow. The supports help keep it square.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAOnce I got the stretcher bars together, I put them on the back of the piece and began stapling from the centers outward.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe corners were a bit tricky but I finally got them folded nicely.



Here it is. This is a terrible photo but we’re having a blizzard here so I couldn’t take it outside. I’ll have to get some better photos later. I decided against the leaf sprigs. I also had a suggestion to add a more prominent flower as a center of interest. I did try a few but didn’t like them so I just left it as it is.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI have shown this piece before but I really didn’t like the leaves. I had previously made really long leaves that looked like tulip leaves. So I tore them off and cut them up and now I think it looks more like rose leaves. I just need to glue them down now.

Star Wars CircleI have still been working in my circles sketchbook. This is one of the pages that I have done with markers. The background was a breakdown screen print from our mammoth screen printing session. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by!





10 thoughts on “Ice Flowers Finished

  1. Ruth, the iced flowers turned out terrific. I’m leaning toward just Ice flowers. It turned out really elegant and feel that title suits it best. IMHO. Also, I think the rose leaves are definitely just right. They look great.
    Wow, the circles, well aren’t you a bit dizzy? It’s a great study. Enjoy your weekend, perhaps relax. 🙂

  2. It’s stunning Ruth! Love it! Just “Ice Flowers” for the title would be my choice. The dark framed border looks great – is it felt, fabric or a frame – can’t tell from the photo. I also like the little freesia-like flower poking over the dark edge.
    The roses are lovely, but I prefer the piece in its simpler form. How big is it? And is it up for adoption? 🙂

    • Sounds like Ice Flowers is it. The dark framed border is a piece of heavy cotton that was ice dyed, stitched to the ice flowers and then wrapped around the stretcher bars. i liked the flowers just poking over the edge as well. Breaks up the straight lines a bit. The roses are about 8″x 10″ or so.

  3. They all look great Ruth. I would go with just Ice Flowers or how about Ice Flower Flow? Your circles piece made me smile, with the fragments “falling” from one line in such an ordered design, very funny 🙂 It’s amazing how many straight lines you can use to make a circle 😉

    • Thanks Teri – I think it will be just Ice Flowers. Yes, my design was a little joke. When I was working on it, it was all the same and then I needed something to put in the open half circle. So the pieces just started falling out.

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