Daily Sketches

I have continued working in my sketchbook on a nearly daily basis. I have been averaging at least 5 days a week and I’ve been trying different techniques. I have also been sketching the same plants at different stages in spring growth. That has been fun. Here are a few:


The very colorful pine cone was inspired by Teri’s post here. The stool at the ortho office was because hubby broke his right arm. Sigh… Now I am care giving and doing double duty of chores. But he didn’t need surgery and it’s beginning to heal so I just keep going and try to be positive.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Circle Sketchbook

I have been busy with company from Chicago all week and haven’t had much time for creative pursuits. I’m still working in my circle sketchbook in spare moments. These photos are from pages that I have completed over the last month or so.

Circle FrameThis is the most recent page that I finished. It is actually two pages with the orange painted page being a “frame” and the page behind a doodled radiating design.

Orange and Red DoodleHere’s the entire doodle page.

Partial Radiation Berries and RibbonsThis is another radiating design done with black pen and colored pencil.

Greens and Purple CircleThis is two pages as well. The circle design is on one page and the painted green background is a separate page.

Amorphous CircleThis one was done with black pen and Inktense pencils which I then painted with water to spread the colors.

Blue Tattoo Swirly CircleThe design here is based on a tattoo design that I found on the web. It is done with black pen and colored pencil. All of these are on paper that is painted beforehand with acrylic ink or paint.

Black SwirlsNow we’re moving back into some black and white designs. This is using black pens of various sizes and just doing loose swirls. I am really enjoying working in my sketchbook and circles is such a broad theme, it’s amazing the different ideas that come to mind with circles as your theme.