More Homework

So I finally decided what to do with the octagons. I glued them on to the blue background but then cut the edge and added the darker purple page behind it in the sketch book.

So here’s the result. It’s OK but not my favorite.

Here’s a couple of hexagons. The one on the left I showed you before but I decided to color it in with metallic gel pens. The one on the right has several layers with pieces glued down and parts cut out to see the page behind.

Here’s a few more circle designs.

This one is a cut paper collage based on tree rings.

This one is done with white gel pen on colored paper. It is repeating circle patterns.

This last one is for the exercise on radiation. I based it on frost. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a good weekend!

6 thoughts on “More Homework

  1. The repeating circle pattern would make a fabulous fabric print – in those colours too – imagine a skirt made from it!
    The tree rings look very rose-like and you’ve certainly got the feeling of frost in the last one.

  2. I love the tree ring design, as Lyn said it is very reminiscent of a rose but the frost at the end is my favourite, do you plan to turn it into a radial repeat?

    • Thanks Teri! I had no ideas of turning into anything but making a radial repeat so it was a full circle would look really cool. I might put it into Photoshop and play around with it.

  3. An exercise on radiation? Sounds dangerous! 😉

    I like the use of positive and negative shapes in the tree ring collage. Might be an interesting felt experiment.

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