Circles Sketchbook All Filled Up

I have been adding a few more pages to my circles sketchbook over the last month or so. The notebook is completely filled up so I guess it’s finished. I’m sure I will keep using the circle in designing as I have really enjoyed working in the sketchbook.

These three pages were some of the pages that I printed with breakdown screen printing. I just added a bit of silver with a silver Sharpie pen.

Circle Stripes

This one is done with various sized black pens.

Doodled Rainbow Circles on Yellow

I doodled on the rainbow-colored paper and then cut it into a variety of sizes of circles. Then I glued it down to the yellow page.

Orange Zentangle Pie

This one was cutting the circle up into wedges and then filling the wedges with Zentangles. I added the black lines on top to add a little interest to the page.

Shades of Grey

These circles are done with white, black and grey. All of the designs don’t really seem to go together but I like the individual designs.

Spiral Explosion

This one was an experiment with wet paper that I pushed on to a textured rolling pin. Then I painted it to go with the page. I’m not sure how I got the yellow “explosion” on the right side of the page but I didn’t do it on purpose.

Spiral Star

Here’s a spiraling star done in ink on a painted page.


This is another of my screen printed pages. I glued down the trilobite that was screen printed on paper towel and then added walnut ink. It’s not really a circle but I put it in anyways.

Circles Notebook Cover

And this is the cover. It is done with metallic Sharpie pens on black paper. I had never tried the metallic Sharpies and I really like them. They come in a set of three with silver, bronze and gold. It’s amazing how many different designs you can develop just starting with the concept of a circle.

6 thoughts on “Circles Sketchbook All Filled Up

  1. Lovely work Ruth. It’s hard to choose a favourite but I think the organic shapes and the off-centre nature of the top right circle in the fifth picture down just pips the others past the post. Looking forward to seeing more of them translated into textiles 🙂

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