Design Work on Stump Ring Applique

Last week I showed you the beginnings of my stump ring applique piece here. This week I have been working further on the stitching design and some stitch samples to make up my mind about where to go from here.

Here you can see some of the work in my studio journal in figuring out the design and color scheme.

I then worked some different stitch design ideas on paper to see what I might think will work best. I decided I would try four different stitch samples to try out the stitches, weight and color of thread.

Here are the stitch samples. They still have the basting stitches in so you have to ignore those.

I decided I was going with couching and french knots for the final piece. I will also be doing shadow applique where possible with tiny stitches that won’t show much. I want the emphasis to be on the lines of stitching and the green french knots that remind me of lichen or moss.

Now to start on stitching the final piece. I did begin the shadow applique but it is really hard to see so I didn’t try and take a photo. I will show you the progress next week. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “Design Work on Stump Ring Applique

  1. I also agree with your choice as it is calm, appropriate & colourful.
    Two of your paper stitched pieces show a lot of movement – the lower left has a far more gentle movement than the upper left

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