Applique Stump Rings

I am back from my Level 3 Stitch class. The class was great although the return trip was a bit of a struggle due to weather. We sat for two hours on one of the passes due to snow and crazy drivers. But we made it safe and sound.

I started this applique piece in class. It’s based on shapes and rings from stump photos. I have a bunch of those types of photos and this isn’t really one stump, it’s a combination of several. This has been basted down but I haven’t started stitching yet. I have to work out where I want the lines of stitching to go, what color and size of threads to use and what hand stitches to use. Lots of decisions yet before I jump in and start stitching. Hopefully, by next week, I will have made some progress.

Have a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “Applique Stump Rings

  1. Looking good even with just the basting stitches – always best to let stuff ‘sit’ for a while if you’re unsure of your direction with it.

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