Stump Rings Applique Completed

I finished stitching the stump rings piece that I showed the design work last week. It seems a little busy to me but I am leaving it alone for now. I really like how the colors shift into the next and the overall look from a distance. I just don’t care for it up close.

Here it is with cropping. Somehow I ended up with the center of the spirals too close to the center of the piece. The camera has a hard time capturing the sheer fabric and the shift in colors.

Now on to my machine stitch applique piece.

10 thoughts on “Stump Rings Applique Completed

  1. I think it looks great, colorful, has texture and interest with the stitching and beads. Look forward to what you do next with it.

  2. The green really does complete this piece. ‘Stump Rings’ is very pretty and I bet it looks even better in ‘real life’. Cameras often do not do justice to textiles.

  3. I can imagine the sheers & subtle colour shift. The lime green French knots form the icing on the cake – pulling it all together in terms of colour and texture. I like.

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