Lino Carving, Fireweed and Robin’s Nest

I am working on some new lino prints. I want to layer several designs on top of each other. I have printed a few plain backgrounds and I’m now working on the second layer lino blocks.

These are three of the designs for the second layer. I have several more designs. Then I have created the designs that will be printed on top of these prints. I still have a lot of carving to do before I can show you any prints.

Here’s a watercolor of a fireweed plant. I thought I would do something for the background but I think I will just do another one with a background. This is done in watercolor.

And we had these baby robins up under our gutter on the back of the house. They have flown away now. When I saw the size of the babies, I couldn’t believe they even fit in the nest.

Seed Pod Sketch

I have been working on a couple of books for Level 3 Art and Design. It is an accordion style binding and it takes lots of gluing steps to put them together. So I have little to show for the work I did today.

But I can show you a sketch from my sketch book. It was partially painted in the negative painting technique. It’s not a very good photo as the light wasn’t good by the time I got around to taking photos.  I hope to get the books finished to show you next week.

Daily Sketches

I have continued working in my sketchbook on a nearly daily basis. I have been averaging at least 5 days a week and I’ve been trying different techniques. I have also been sketching the same plants at different stages in spring growth. That has been fun. Here are a few:


The very colorful pine cone was inspired by Teri’s post here. The stool at the ortho office was because hubby broke his right arm. Sigh… Now I am care giving and doing double duty of chores. But he didn’t need surgery and it’s beginning to heal so I just keep going and try to be positive.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Swap with a Forum Member + Daffodils!

I did a swap with another Felting and Fiber Studio Forum member, Elizabeth. She was cleaning out art supplies that she was no longer using and showed us some of the stuff. Of course, I couldn’t pass up ink and refillable pens. Thanks Elizabeth for a great swap.

Swap with Elizabeth

So I got these in the mail, plus some extras including the sequins waste, palettes and water-color papers. I haven’t had much chance to try the inks but they are iridescent.


I did do a quick monoprint by dropping some gold ink on glass, then I pressed the already painted brown paper down on the ink. The gold is pretty shiny.

Water Color Papers

These are the water-color papers. They have the paint on them, you take a wet brush and swipe paint off and apply it to the page.

Water Color Sample

Here’s a quick sample of all the colors. They don’t look the same on the paper as they do once you get them wet, that’s for sure.

Blooming Outside

And it’s officially spring here. The first daffodil bloomed today. I have over 500 bulbs planted and when they are all in bloom, they are impressive.

First Daffodils

I weeded around them last week and broke a few off. I didn’t think they would bloom but they did so I have some in the house as well. So Happy Spring and thanks for stopping by!