Lino Carving, Fireweed and Robin’s Nest

I am working on some new lino prints. I want to layer several designs on top of each other. I have printed a few plain backgrounds and I’m now working on the second layer lino blocks.

These are three of the designs for the second layer. I have several more designs. Then I have created the designs that will be printed on top of these prints. I still have a lot of carving to do before I can show you any prints.

Here’s a watercolor of a fireweed plant. I thought I would do something for the background but I think I will just do another one with a background. This is done in watercolor.

And we had these baby robins up under our gutter on the back of the house. They have flown away now. When I saw the size of the babies, I couldn’t believe they even fit in the nest.

4 thoughts on “Lino Carving, Fireweed and Robin’s Nest

  1. I thought your water-colour was a photograph of a real plant!
    Lino cutting is fun – I’m intrigued by what the final piece will be.
    I’m always amazed at how the birds manage to build their nests – we had a nesting wren, such a tiny bird, but the nest was huge and a work of art. Wrens are reported to weigh about 9 grams.
    I don’t know if you have these birds in Montana

    • Thanks Lyn, lots more cutting to go yet. Hopefully, the prints will work out as envisioned. Birds and their habits are amazing. I am not sure we have that particular bird here. We have birds that are called wrens but they don’t look like that one. He’s really cute.

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