Practicing Sky and Birch Tree Techniques

I got another watercolor book from the library this past week, Zoltan Szabo’s 70 Favorite Watercolor Techniques. So I have been doing some of the exercises in the book, he encourages you to copy his “sketches”. So that’s what I did. I found it helped not to have to think to hard about what the painting was going to look like but just to practice each technique as laid out in the book.

These first three are all about the skies and how to create clouds. This one was a subtractive technique using a stiff bristle brush.

This one was painting stratus clouds. I got a little carried away on the bottom portion and added some walnut ink powder that then got all over the place. But the clouds turned out OK.

And this one is cumulus clouds. I think I’m getting slightly better with landscapes but these are all still small samples about 5″ x 7″. I can always use these to make greeting cards.

Then on to the technique of creating birch trees. And playing a bit with shadows on the snow. I am pleased with this one.

And then I decided to try another birch tree with a more autumn background. These were both fun. I am sure I will be doing some more of these.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.


14 thoughts on “Practicing Sky and Birch Tree Techniques

  1. Your paintings are wonderful – and I always think silver birch trees beg to be painted or photographed as they are so attractive.

  2. What a great way to learn new techniques! All of them are lovely Ruth. The technique must work well for you.

  3. Great experiment results. Your cumulonimbus clouds are very realistic, I can almost feel the impending rain, and I love your birch tree in the snow, Iooking at it Iā€™m expecting foot prints to appear from some creature suddenly dashing past.

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