Birthday Cards

I spent nearly all day today photographing my artwork from my art and design course. I set up the fancy lights and the tripod for the camera. I felt like a took a gazillion photos. I will show you some of them as I get them edited. I did need to get some birthday cards made so I can show you those.

Here’s the first one. It’s a piece of screen printed paper made with deconstructed screen printing.

Here’s one with a pine cone that I stenciled on to screen printed paper. This is one of my own stencils.

The last one is some paper that I created when I was using up paint from my palette. Hopefully, everyone will like their birthday cards. My cards are never very “birthday” like but hopefully people appreciate that they are getting a one of a kind card. Have a good weekend!

Botanical Series

I finished the last three of my botanical series mixed media pieces. I may make a few more of these, I haven’t decided yet. I guess if they sell quickly, I’ll make more!

Botanical Series - Mountain PinkThis is the Mountain Pink.

Botanical Series - Mountain Pink - Close UpAnd a closer view. I didn’t have any more of the plain rusty wire so I used barbed wire instead. I stitched it down to the top layer and then glued everything down with gel medium.

Botanical Series - BerriesHere’s Berries.

Botanical Series - Berries - Close UpAnd a close up.

Botanical Series - Lupine And the final one is Lupine.

Botanical Series - Lupine - Close UpA bit closer.

Botanical Series Here is the entire set together. I guess I’ll have to find some flowers that aren’t purple or red for the next set. These will be going into the store next week.

Free Motion Stitching

I’ve been working on a few more mixed media pieces like this one. I have sketched several Montana wild flowers that I use for inspiration when I free motion stitch them on the machine.

Mountain PinkFirst I fuse a piece of interfacing to the back of a hand dyed piece of fabric. Then I free motion machine stitch the flower. Afterwards, I paint these with Inktense pencils and water. This first one is a mountain pink.

LupinesThis is a lupine. There is a stray piece of thread to the right side of the photo. Sorry – I never see those until I get the photo on the computer.

BerriesThis last one is from a sketch I did while I was in LaConner, Wa. So now I need to paint these with gel medium, cut them to size and add them to the wood backgrounds. I’ll show you how they look when they are finished. I did make a few more felted coffee cuffs last week. You can see them on The Purple Pomegranate blog if you’d like.




Mixed Media Piece for Third Quarter Challenge

Over at the Felting and Fiber Studio, Karen had challenged us to make a mixed media piece that included something fiber, something metal and something in the paint variety. This is definitely not the way I usually work but I had started a stitched piece that I thought would work. I showed you the stitched part last week. It was free motion machine stitched on to a painted fabric background. After it was stitched, I colored in the flowers with Inktense pencils and then wet them down with a water brush to simulate water colors.

Trying WashersThen I started working out how I would add metal. I tried a variety of rusty metal washers but I didn’t really like how they looked. It just looked like I was sticking them on there because I had to add metal.

Adding Rusty WireI liked the addition of this rusty metal wire better. I guess it had a more organic feel to it.

Third Quarter Mixed Media Challenge PieceThen I painted the fabric with a slightly watered down Golden gel medium. I also painted a couple of layers of the gel medium on the wood too. Once that had dried. I use the gel medium straight from the jar (no water added) to glue the fabric to the wood. You can see that the red fabric bled a little bit onto the green background but that didn’t bother me. It took a couple of days to completely dry,

Close up Indian PaintbrushI then stitched the metal piece down to the fabric to hold it in place. I’m happy with the results and I am planning on doing a series of Montana wildflowers like this piece. I also started a second mixed media piece which I’ll show you soon. Thanks Karen – this was a fun challenge!





More Encaustic and a Little Bit of Stitch

I finally took photos of my encaustic pieces that I made last week. It is hard to get a good photo since they are so shiny. 

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis one is inspired by the ocean.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis one I used a stencil to add some sparkly powder stuff that I always forget the name. Then I did a shellac burn on top of that. You can see where the shellac burned on the right side. It makes it more textured.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis is one of the parchment paper print transfers. It is actually very black but the photo just wouldn’t show it well.


This one is using branches to make impressions in the wax. I showed you some of the steps in my last post.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis photo actually shows the color better (excuse the glare).

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis piece I started a long time ago. It is for the 3rd quarter challenge on the Felting and Fiber Studio. Karen challenged us to do a mixed media piece. I want to add some metal. I thought I might use it to attach the stitched piece to the wood. I had considered putting encaustic wax on the fabric but all of my group advised against it, so I didn’t. Perhaps I will cover it with gel medium to make it stronger. I need to get this finished before the end of September. So I’ll have to make up my mind soon.