Birthday Cards

I spent nearly all day today photographing my artwork from my art and design course. I set up the fancy lights and the tripod for the camera. I felt like a took a gazillion photos. I will show you some of them as I get them edited. I did need to get some birthday cards made so I can show you those.

Here’s the first one. It’s a piece of screen printed paper made with deconstructed screen printing.

Here’s one with a pine cone that I stenciled on to screen printed paper. This is one of my own stencils.

The last one is some paper that I created when I was using up paint from my palette. Hopefully, everyone will like their birthday cards. My cards are never very “birthday” like but hopefully people appreciate that they are getting a one of a kind card. Have a good weekend!

8 thoughts on “Birthday Cards

  1. I agree. I believe the recipients appreciate the time and thought that goes into handmade cards and yours will be appreciated!
    Photography is fun – not. I snap away trying to get the shot then when I see how many I have to sift through I always regret being so ‘trigger happy’ with the camera.

    • Thanks Lyn! I too appreciate hand made cards. It’s just I know certain people who don’t seem to even notice.

      And no, photography isn’t fun. I still have to go through them all and crop etc. I guess I’ll do them a little at a time.

  2. I’m sure your cards will be much appreciated.
    OOAK cards are lovely to receive, but sadly I agree some people (maybe those who are not crafters and therefore don’t understand what,s involved) are blind to the creative spirit of a handmade card.

    Photography – I mostly enjoy it, although still have to edit too many. If I want ‘arty’ photos, where I have time, I try to treat each like a design using all the elements and principles before clicking. That said I still take more than I need it’s all too easy with digital photography!

    • Thanks Antje! Yes, there are definitely people who don’t understand the time put in to OOAK things. Digital photography does make things so much easier. My legs were sore from climbing up and down off the step stool and squatting down to the floor. At least I got my exercise.

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