Aspen Alpenglow

I have been doing some research online about various printmaking techniques. I want to try a reduction linocut but I didn’t have time to do that today. But I did learn about monotypes and decided to try one today. I started with an already gelli printed paper that looked vaguely landscape and cold.

I then placed the colored paper face down on a printing plate coated with open Golden paint in Alizarin Crimson Hue. I then drew on the back side of my paper to give the tree shapes. I used my finger to suggest a horizon line with dark mountains. It was actually pretty ugly when I pulled up the print. But most of the sites talked about enhancing or embellishing with further techniques over the monotype. So I decided I would try to paint the negative spaces and push some of the trees into the distance. I used blue watercolor for this and it worked great. I then added just a few more details with the water color and called it done. The camera had a hard time with the photo, it looks better in person and I’m pleased with the results. I will definitely have to try some more of these.

9 thoughts on “Aspen Alpenglow

  1. Great depth of field with hills in the far distance. It is like looking through woodland with the moon behind you lighting up the foreground….back to evening light and the moon again.

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