Mixed Media Piece for Third Quarter Challenge

Over at the Felting and Fiber Studio, Karen had challenged us to make a mixed media piece that included something fiber, something metal and something in the paint variety. This is definitely not the way I usually work but I had started a stitched piece that I thought would work. I showed you the stitched part last week. It was free motion machine stitched on to a painted fabric background. After it was stitched, I colored in the flowers with Inktense pencils and then wet them down with a water brush to simulate water colors.

Trying WashersThen I started working out how I would add metal. I tried a variety of rusty metal washers but I didn’t really like how they looked. It just looked like I was sticking them on there because I had to add metal.

Adding Rusty WireI liked the addition of this rusty metal wire better. I guess it had a more organic feel to it.

Third Quarter Mixed Media Challenge PieceThen I painted the fabric with a slightly watered down Golden gel medium. I also painted a couple of layers of the gel medium on the wood too. Once that had dried. I use the gel medium straight from the jar (no water added) to glue the fabric to the wood. You can see that the red fabric bled a little bit onto the green background but that didn’t bother me. It took a couple of days to completely dry,

Close up Indian PaintbrushI then stitched the metal piece down to the fabric to hold it in place. I’m happy with the results and I am planning on doing a series of Montana wildflowers like this piece. I also started a second mixed media piece which I’ll show you soon. Thanks Karen – this was a fun challenge!





7 thoughts on “Mixed Media Piece for Third Quarter Challenge

  1. Ruth, it turned out great. I agree the washers didn’t work, but the wire definitely does. I love the bleeding from the red fabric. It works with the painted flowers, mirroring the colors and watercolor wash effect. I can’t wait to see the series of Montana wildflowers. Free motion sewing is something I want to try. Another challenge! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this Ruth, and i actually like it with the washers and the barbed wire, they flower is gorgeous and im looking forward to seeing your series of wildflowers, after the yurt of course lol

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