Confetti Applique Sample

This week, I got another applique sample completed. This one is called “confetti” applique. I thought the technique would look great as foliage, so I immediately thought of trees and the forest. Not surprising, huh?

I started with an iced dyed background and added some trunks. This is a machine stitch applique so on to some free motion stitching. I did back the piece with two layers of Lutradur fused together that I had from a prior class assignment. It’s fairly sturdy for adding free motion stitching on top but quite thin.

I stitched the trunks in place and added some branches. Now on to the confetti. I forgot to take photos in process, but I essentially shredded some fabric in different fall leaf colors with my rotary cutter. Then I used BoNash powder to fuse these scraps under a layer of tulle.

I did the further trees with a yellowish brown tulle and the foreground trees with a brighter orange or red tulle. Then I free motion stitched it all into place.

Here’s the finished sample. I liked this technique and I would have done more with the background if it was to be a finished piece but it’s just a sample. I have some ideas on creating a larger piece this way. Note to self, finish background before adding trees and foreground.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend.


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