Applique Samples

I have been working on a list of types of applique for class. I took some photos of samples from past classes and made a new one. It’s good to look back and see which ones I have already sampled and look for other types that I haven’t tried yet. All except the last sample were made in my Level 2 Stitch class.

These two are Broderie Perse. I have not stitched the one on the right because the flower fabric frayed and fell apart every time I tried to stitch it. So I just ended up fusing it down.

These two are shadow applique. The one on the left is felt and silk organza. The one on the right is cotton and silk organza.

These two are turned applique. The one on the left uses a fusible and the one on the right is a needle turned applique. These are probably two of my least favorite types of applique.

Here’s a stacked felt sample. These are fun because you don’t have to worry about the edges of the felt fraying.

This is a machine stitched cut back applique.

This is the sample I stitched this week. It is reverse applique. It’s created with three pieces of hand dyed linen and blanket stitch. It is a raw edge applique but actually the blanket stitch keeps the linen from fraying as much. I still have at least one more sample that I’m going to create and another larger piece that will be based on bark. So more applique to come.

6 thoughts on “Applique Samples

  1. It’s amazing how many kinds of applique there are! I like the way the reverse applique ‘draws you in’ and I like the texture of the machine stitch and cut back applique. The cotton and silk organza shadow applique is very attractive.

    • Thanks, yes, there are many kinds of applique. These are just a few. There are some really cool reverse applique methods. I will keep trying out new ones until I go back to class again.

  2. Wow Ruth, quite a collection. In my creative journey I’ve come across a few but not all of these and Certainly not all in one place – almost a course in it’s own right.
    From a design perspective my favourites are the silk organza & the bark. I love the colour of the leaves….from the photos here it looks as though the one on the right is the one adhered with the fusible as the hem/ turn under is so clearly defined. Very fiddly, I’m with you on this method not being a favourite – too time consuming.

    You are working on your Resht sample so how many more will follow for us to enjoy?

    • Thanks Antje, it’s surprising how many types there are. I think my favorites are also the shadow applique samples. I spent a lot more time on those designs than the others.

      There will be at least three more. It just depends on how much time I have and how long the planned bark piece takes.

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