Staying Busy

I added a bit more to my Rose Hips sketch. I decided it needed more yellow green in the background. So I added it in with a permanent marker pen. The one I showed you last week is on the left and the revised sketch is on the right. I think the yellow green in the background made the sketch more cohesive.

I worked hard today on my big project and this is one of the color studies that I completed for the project. Looks a little too checker board like but I think the colors are going to work.

Here are a couple of notebooks that I covered today. I need to have all my notebooks for Level 3 Art and Design covered before our exhibition in March. I have a couple of more to cover yet. But I’m glad to mark these off my list.

Here’s a collage I finished a while ago but didn’t show you. It was inspired by one of the photos I took while walking in the woods this spring. I can’t believe it’s mid September already, all the leaves are turning yellow and red. I miss the flowers but the changing leaves have their own beauty too.

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8 thoughts on “Staying Busy

  1. Ruth the additional colour adds real multi-depth to your rose hips….a good call I think.
    I like your chequered panel which shows even distribution of colour and works well. An idea….could you also try one which separates the hues and moves from shades of one colour into shades of the next (centre out, top down – so many variations)?….I like spending your valuable time!
    The covers are great too, keep up the good work with these.
    What mediums have you used for your fresh ‘happy’ collage?

    • Thanks Antje! Yes, I could do many different variations of the color study but I doubt I will. I just wanted to see how these colors work together and I think they will work for my project. My collage is torn and cut paper.

  2. The rose hips sketch is so different now – in a very good way!
    The chequer board is pretty – lots of colours keep popping out in turn.
    The notebooks are attractive and it’s good that you’re ahead with that.
    We had a very long, hot and sunny summer but now that autumn is here it feels that the summer was too short and that time is passing far too quickly.

    • Thanks Lyn! It’s amazing what just a bit of color does to change a sketch, isn’t it? My summer went by in a blur and now I’m sure fall will be over quickly. The winter holidays will be here before you know it.

  3. The rose hips do Have better depth and enriched color. I can’t imagine how much time and work went into the checkerboard. I love the collage. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The greeny yellow really makes a difference to the background of your rose hips, and I love your colour study. The notebooks look great too – so much work inside and then you have to cover them too!

    • Thanks Kim, yes, the notebooks are chock full of stuff and I had been putting off doing the covers. It seems a bit of overkill to me but I was instructed to cover them all. Just need to check that off my list 😉

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