Working on Homework

I am busily working on homework almost every day in hopes that I might get everything I need to get done by December when we go back to class.

Today I made some faux leather out of brown paper. I used a variety of inks and then covered with two colors mixed with gloss medium. I think the result may be a bit too shiny. I still have to iron it again and see what it looks like completely flat. It is drying now. This is to add to a book that I am creating. There are a bunch of tutorials on how to do this if you’re interested. Basically, it is crumple up the brown paper, rub with brown inks, iron flat. Then coat with a medium such as gloss, matte or gel medium. I added a bit of brown ink to my medium to give it a deeper color.

This is actually what I have been spending the most time on this week. This is for my final project for class. So these are just a few sneak peeks of the beginnings. I hope you had a good week and thanks for stopping by.

6 thoughts on “Working on Homework

  1. Keep up the good work Ruth.

    I’ve not tried brown paper to create leather look before, I’ll definitely give it a go.
    I’ve used tissue paper laid on plain paper (copy, brown, sugar or wall paper etc.) then coloured with dyes or paints. At this point if paints have been used it wrinkles and the colour slightly pools in the creases. Once dry paint PVA glue (or gel mediums) over. This soaks through the tissue and ‘glues’ it to the background. Then all that is needed is to iron it.
    I used it to cover A4 files and note books….but it was slightly sticky….solution – I sprayed it with furniture polish….tadaa! 13 years later it is still ok.

    Working on your homework every day – great. If you’ve got any spare hours please send them my way!

    • Thanks Antje! I haven’t tried the tissue paper method for faux leather but I did see an online tutorial on how to make it. I had made it before with brown paper and covered various books and sketch books that are still holding up so just used the method I was familiar with.

      I just snatch extra minutes from here and there. No spare hours…

  2. I love the faux leather paper. Are you sure you only have two hands? 🙂 its amazing how much you accomplish. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

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