A Couple of Sketches

Since my last post, I have been really busy. We had our annual art retreat and then I was off to Washington state for my Art and Design class. Then back to Montana and trying to catch up with work and get all my art stuff back into the right places. I have a big project to work on for my class and I started some sampling for that but you’ll have to wait to see it until it’s finished. But I do have a couple of sketches that I completed.

This is one of the plants that I saw while we were in Lake Tahoe. It is called Woodland Pine Drops. According to the US Forest Service, it is a root parasite that grows near pine trees. They produce minimal chlorophyll and are not green in color and do not conduct photosynthesis. The ones I saw were in the “pod” stage where the flowering is complete and the plants become woody and hard. They look like little pumpkins on a stem.

And here is a sketch of rose hips. I did some cross hatching on this one to hopefully give it some depth. I think I need to add a little more yellow green into the background though.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

4 thoughts on “A Couple of Sketches

  1. You have achieved depth in the rose hips sketch – it’s lovely. I’ve learnt something today as I hadn’t heard of Woodland Pine Drops before. Shame it’s a parasite as it’s quite pretty.

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