Thinking of Spring

I am still wishing for and thinking of spring. It was a little warmer today with a bit of sunshine. However, there are still piles of snow around the house. So I have been doing some studies of wild flowers to pretend it is spring.

I’m not even sure what this flower is but it looks like a dogwood blossom. It grows on the ground and it is not on a tree, so it’s probably called something else. This is a combination of cut paper, some printed, some painted and then additional paint added.

This cut photo collage came about by accident. I was planning on printing some of my wild flower sketches on regular paper and then including them in collages. However, when I printed these, I accidentally printed them on 4″x 6″ photo paper. I didn’t want to waste them and I kind of liked the shiny surface which you don’t usually have with a sketch. So I used the technique that Deb showed our group last September. It involves taping the back side and slicing the photos up with a craft knife. It’s hard to take a photo because of the glare on the photos.

I hope that I start seeing some of these wild flowers soon when I can take my daily walks. Right now everything is mud, snow and slush. Maybe another week and I’ll see if the path is ready for walking. I’ll just have to wear my galoshes.

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