Usual State of Chaos

I almost forgot to post for the week. I’m in the usual state of chaos.

Here’s what the table looks like in my studio at the moment. This doesn’t show the piles of other projects in the works lying around in the rest of the house and by the sewing machine.

Here’s one of the pieces I am working on at the moment. I am doing some wild flower studies as I am pretending it is spring even though it is still snowing outside. This is a combination of collage and paint. I am not sure what these wild flowers are called but they remind me of dogwood. They grow in a bush, not a tree. I am using my photo and sketch as inspiration. Then I have used a variety of printed and painted papers for the collage part and adding paint as needed. Still got a ways to go yet. Have a great weekend and I hope it is spring where you are 🙂

7 thoughts on “Usual State of Chaos

  1. It looks fairly organized to me. I like the leaves and flowers. It snowed here yesterday and will again tonight. Not much stuck. Unseasonably cold, so a touch of spring is welcome. I’m certianly looking forward to warmer weather and some color outside.

    • Thanks Marilyn, actually it doesn’t look too bad in that photo. Sounds like your weather is similar to ours at the moment. Wishing for some spring flowers for sure.

  2. Annie was delighted with your chaos photos. She said “Ha – it’s not just me! :)”
    The wild flower studies are looking interesting – love the colours.
    Spring has sprung here and the gardens are a mix of green, yellow, pink and purple, but we’re having a fair bit of rain.

  3. Thanks Lyn, I am glad that Annie appreciates chaos! I’d love to see the state of Annie’s chaos too 🙂 I hope the wild flower studies turn out to be interesting. Rain would be OK, but I’m over the snow at this point.

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