Sunrise in the Trees

I finished another collage that I have been working on. It’s a little bit different color scheme than I usually use.

Hubby even noticed the colors and said, “These aren’t colors you usually like.” Pink is still not really one of my favorite colors but I think it works here. Do you have colors that you don’t usually use in your artwork?

11 thoughts on “Sunrise in the Trees

  1. I love the balance of your collage and your use of negative/positive space….the pink just adds a certain something to the composition. What have you used as a background?

    Your lovely piece has set my thoughts racing at super fast speed….I don’t know whether to thank you or otherwise!
    Trees….mmmm. I’ve just been spending time at my son’s where they have a small wood. My 5 year old grandson has told me I’m weird because I’ve spent so much time photographing tree bark (so many different textures), blossom and emerging leaves, not to mention unusual patterns/scarring on the tree trunks. Somewhere I need to find more hours in the day to bring about the ideas in my head.

    • Thank you so much Antje! The background is collaged printed papers with poems about trees. Then I covered them all with blue green paint. So you can’t read the background but I know what is there.

      You sound just like me. I am always exploring the various trees that I see, looking at bark, how the tree changes with each season and I also like to watch how they disintegrate into the forest floor to feed another tree. And yes, I need more hours in the day too. Have fun with your tree exploration, I’d love to see what you create.

      • Thanks for the info. I often wonder what interesting stories trees could tell us, so perhaps it is appropriate that your poems are ‘locked in/semi obscured’ in your collage.

  2. I’m not a great pink fan either, but I think it works well here. I’ve been to a couple of felting workshops where tutors deliberately suggest using colours that you don’t normally like because the results can be surprising!

    • Thanks Kim! I have been trying to use colors that I don’t like in different ways. I have found that the results are often pleasing and surprising. Therefore, I try not to rule out using any specific color.

  3. I don’t know how I missed this. I’m not a pink person either, but love the combination of colors and shapes in this, too.

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