Marsh Applique

Here is another piece that I completed in Level 3 Advanced Studies in Experimental Stitch class.

This is what the piece started with. Mainly deconstructed screen printed fabric and a few pieces of shibori dyed fabric. It needed more so on to layering and stitching.

Here’s the finished piece and I have called this one, Marsh. It’s kind of amazing what layers of fabric can do to change the look of a piece.

8 thoughts on “Marsh Applique

  1. Very evocative of a marsh, a world of it’s own wanting no disturbance. Love your stitching & use of applied sheers.

    As of today I now realise why your home page keeps popping up. Duh, I needed to go to your ‘blog’!

    • Thanks Antje! Glad you figured out the changes that happened when I changed the home page. It used to be the blog page but I thought people looking for my art for sale should see that before the blog.

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